Why getting a job is like a relationship

First off, let me thank my lucky stars and garters that I am a recently graduated Creative Writing major with a job. I will further thank the aforementioned lucky things for the fact that it is my dream job. Writing at an advertising agency, darlings, and loving it. In a lot of ways, it’s actually like Mad Men. 

But getting to this point was not easy, and I came to a realization a few months ago that searching for and getting a job is a lot like a relationship.

Part one, you meet. It was probably online, like a job search website, or through a friend, because you rock at networking.

Part two, you send out the message that you’re interested. Resume, email, you know, casual stuff. You don’t want them to think that it isn’t as though you don’t have other options, you just happen to particularly like them.

Part three, you wait. You wonder when you should call – is a week too soon, how about two? Should you even call at all? Would calling seem desperate? You don’t want to annoy them, but gosh it would be great to hear from them just to know if they like you or not. 

Part four (assuming part three has gone well). The phone call comes! You have gotten an interview. This is your first date. Lord willing, it won’t be your last. So you shave, you look nice, you greet your potential new relationship partner with a firm handshake. Then you talk. 

Part five. The waiting game. Yes, once again you must wait by the phone, wondering if you should wait for them to call, or call them yourself, or just forget it entirely because you’re pretty sure you screwed up that question about strengths and weaknesses because you forgot that one weakness you’re supposed to list that isn’t technically a weakness (thus proving you are flawless, but modest). 

Part six. A phone call! They want to see you again! What does this mean? Do they want to be with you? Are they playing hard to get? Are they serious, or is this a casual fling? Should you ask them that over the phone before you even agree to meet? Should you get your hopes up only to have them dashed? You scurry into this meeting with the understanding that your entire fate and happiness is on the line. 

Part seven. The break up, or the start of something beautiful.

It really all depends, doesn’t it? 


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