Random Thursday ramblings…

There will literally be nothing of substance in this post. 

I just ate one of those freaky hybrid fruit things that they’re selling now – I think it was a mix between a peach and an apple, but I’m not entirely sure. A papple? an appeach? Will one a day keep the doctor away? 

So many questions…

Incidentally, remember Captain Planet? Why did no one ever turn that into a movie? I was surprised to find out that it was created by Ted Turner and LeVar Burton and Whoopi Goldberg did voices for it. Rock on. I miss the olden days of 90s cartoons. Children’s tv these days is absolutely terrifying – I intend to allow my children to watch nothing but dvds of wishbone, arthur, reading rainbow, and sesame street. Oh, and the busy world of richard scary. Good stuff that will teach them things and not turn their brains into mush with terrifyingly bright colors and baby talk. Kids aren’t idiots. 

Long distance relationships are hard. Especially if you start out long distance and don’t get the chance to really “date” like normal, close-to-each-other people would. It’s worth it, but it’s tough. No me gusta. 

Yup. Like I said, random. 

Cheers and happy Thursday. 


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