Independently Depending

So, being young and having a full-time job offers a strange sort of dichotomy. 

On the one hand, for the first time in my life, I’m making enough money to live on (at a job I love, no less). I’m paid an annual salary with plenty of opportunities for raises and bonuses, and I am financially capable of surviving in this world without the help of anyone else. 

It’s kind of an awesome feeling.  

More to the point, I’m not responsible for anyone but myself right now. My salary might not be sky high, but considering that I’m the only one I need to worry about, it’s a pretty darn comfortable sum. 

Yet, I am not granted the same freedoms that came with being a student. I’m aware that I could now fly off to Paris at the drop of a hat if I so chose – but I can’t leave my job for too long. By the end of the year I’ll probably have enough money to spend six months traveling Europe if I wanted to – but again, I can’t leave my job. 

I suppose it’s give and take. I make the money to do what I want to do, but I’m more limited in the ways I can do it. I think that’s called growing up, or some such nonsense. I’m simultaneously thrilled and frustrated by my newfound circumstances. There are ways around them, of course. Vacation time and three day weekends and holidays, but there won’t be any more 3 week Christmas vacations for me. No pre-existing spring breaks or summers.

And yet, I can still go to Paris for the weekend if I want to. Just because I can. Just because I love that city, and I have the freedom to do it. And you know what? Some weekend I’ll probably do just that. 

A wonderful sort of spontaneity exists in my life right now. It coexists with a greater responsibility, yes – but I’d say it’s worth the price. 


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