Shiny Toy Syndrome

Oh, shiny toy syndrome.  We all know it well – we’ve been experiencing it since we were kids on the playground, putting down a toy out of disinterest only to find our interest renewed ten fold when another kid tried to play with it. Suddenly the toy that you were so bored with, so completely … More Shiny Toy Syndrome

Cut Off

On Saturday, I cut off all of my hair. I didn’t have much to begin with (about chin length), but what did exist has now been sacrificed to the hair gods in the name of a pixie cut.  Friends of mine will tell you that changing my hair comes with every change in my relationship … More Cut Off

Embrace the Pale

I am hopelessly pale. Being well over half Irish, I should have accepted this long ago as my lot in life. I do not “tan”. After three months of summertime, I can look in the mirror and say “hey, look at those tan lines!”, and feel great until i walk outside, look at the people … More Embrace the Pale