Don’t You Remember Your Fairytales, Darling?

It occurred to me tonight, while I was watching Once Upon A Time on ABC, how very much we rely on hope these days. And I mean us as a collective whole – society, America, the world – get as broad as you want. Life just isn’t very easy right now. And so we turn to hope.

I firmly believe in the power of hope. I believe that sometimes even false hope is necessary to get us through a hard time. And I believe in fairytales. Not the stories themselves, but in their power, and in the power of any story that has a happy ending. Because we need to believe that those happy endings are real.

In the past few years society has been bombarded with stories about fantasy and the supernatural, and the reason why is simple. That’s what we need right now. Stories that take us away from reality into a place that does have a happy ending. Where we can rest assured that good will triumph over evil. Even if we’re just watching it happen in a movie or reading it in a book, it can still be real to us on some level. 

I love watching Once Upon A Time. It’s not highbrow, the CGI effects aren’t breathtaking, and sometimes I want more from the script. But I love it. Because I know that good is going to win, I know the heroes and heroines will find true love, and I know I’m going to feel great about it. It’s the same reason I love Harry Potter. The same reason I love Disney. The same reason I love Twilight (and yes, I’ll admit it, I love Twilight). 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty to be said for the tragic and literary tales of this world. Hell, the original Grimm fairytales really weren’t happy at all. But they have become what we’ve made them, and we’ve made them what we needed them to be. I’m all for a good bout of misery now and then (I am a writer after all), but I also don’t think that the “fluff” entertainment of the world should be discounted. 

Because if a story makes you feel happy – if it makes you hope and believe that things will get better and that there’s something wonderful out there waiting for you – then it’s well worth respecting. 


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