There are plenty of people out there who would actually rather be sad than happy. They might not admit it to anyone – even themselves. But the truth is that they’re afraid to be happy. Because if they were happy, then what would there be to complain about?  Happiness, sometimes, is harder than sadness. 

Love, Actually

People are always and forever telling us that we are special. We are unique individuals, no one else in the world is quite like us, and we cannot be replaced. Etc etc.  I happen to think this is true. Every single person is so special to someone else that they are irreplaceable (be that person … More Love, Actually

10 Things That Aren’t as Romantic in Real Life as They are in the Movies:

A comprehensive, though not all-encompassing, list:  1. Kissing underwater (ever tried it? yeah…) 2. “Eyelash” moments that involve making a wish (i mean, come on) 3. Making out as soon as you wake up together (morning breath, anyone?) 4. Pining over your lost love (get a grip) 5. Hounding someone until they stop resisting you … More 10 Things That Aren’t as Romantic in Real Life as They are in the Movies:


It is not romantic to be broken. There’s nothing beautiful about it. It is not a black and white photograph taken by an artistic photographer.  I think sometimes we get seduced by the idea of fragility – brokenness. Two women I greatly admire are Marilyn Monroe and Edie Sedgwick. They set the world on fire, … More Damages

“Just because it’s Christmas – (and at Christmas you tell the truth) – To me, you are perfect.” Hey there, you. Yes you, reading this right now. You are perfect in your own way. Don’t ever doubt it, and don’t let anyone make you doubt it.  Merry Christmas ❤ .