10 Things That Aren’t as Romantic in Real Life as They are in the Movies:

A comprehensive, though not all-encompassing, list: 

1. Kissing underwater (ever tried it? yeah…)

2. “Eyelash” moments that involve making a wish (i mean, come on)

3. Making out as soon as you wake up together (morning breath, anyone?)

4. Pining over your lost love (get a grip)

5. Hounding someone until they stop resisting you (note: this is, in fact, called stalking)

6. Over-protective men (this can cross the line from chivalrous to freakishly possessive really fast) 

7. Love at first sight (I’m sure it worked out for someone, somewhere along the line…)

8. Sex on a train (have you seen Risky Business?)

9. Bad boys (movies have trained you to think that they are wounded and just need your help to heal so they can expose their romantic side. This is, in fact, a generally false assumption)

10. Love/hate relationships (sure, they’re more fun to watch on screen, but you’d probably be happier with someone who doesn’t go all “Love the Way You Lie” on you. Trust me) 


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