Love, Actually

People are always and forever telling us that we are special. We are unique individuals, no one else in the world is quite like us, and we cannot be replaced. Etc etc. 

I happen to think this is true. Every single person is so special to someone else that they are irreplaceable (be that person a friend, lover, parent, sibling, or someone you don’t even know yet). I can think of plenty of people in my life who I wouldn’t trade for the world, and I try to make sure they know it as often as possible.

Here’s the thing, though. Sometimes we end up believing that the things that make us different or unique are the negative things about us. The issues. That somehow it’s only our problems that set us apart from everyone else. 

Really, problems are the only thing every single person in the world has in common. Everyone’s got ‘em. So when it comes to problems, you are not a special and unique snowflake, as Fight Club reminds you. That’s not to say your problems aren’t important, it’s just to remind you that you’re not alone in struggling with something, be it big or small. All 7 billion of us are in the same proverbial boat. 

It sounds harsh, maybe, but the point is to start looking at the GOOD things about yourself. The things that actually set you apart as someone unique and different. It’s almost too easy sometimes to define who we are by our problems, especially if we’re dealing with some big ones. But you are not the issues you have. You are more than that, and you owe it to yourself to see past the bad and embrace the good. 

So, I have a challenge for you. Make a list of the good things this Christmas. A list of what makes you someone special. Don’t fall into the trap of negativity that so often leads to the question “How could anyone love me?” 

Because you see, that’s a ridiculous question. You are actually so much easier to love than you think. 

Merry Christmas.  


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