Face Up

Break ups have gotten a hell of a lot harder since the invention of Facebook. 

Back in the day – before social media and cell phones – if you broke up with someone, you just didn’t see them anymore. That was it. You were broken up. If you lived in the same place, you may see them from time to time. They might show up at social gatherings if you had the same friends, but that was it. 

There wasn’t really a problem with drunk texting or drunk phone calls, because it took more effort. Out at a bar and feel like talking to your ex? Okay. Either a) go home and call his landline and hope that he picks up, or b) find a pay phone somewhere and, again, hope he picks up. 

There were very few, if any, morning after “I’m sorry about saying that” conversations, unless you actually saw your ex in person. They were plainly and simply out of your life.

But now? Forget about it. Temptation surrounds us. Broken up? Fine. But you’re still tempted to creep on his facebook. Un-friend him? Fine. But you have the same friends so you’re still going to hear about him from their Facebooks. And then there’s the whole ordeal of deleting his number, then wondering if you should save it somewhere just in case, then deleting it, then getting it from someone else, then deleting it …

You get the idea.

 The point is that it’s about fifteen times more difficult to distance yourself from someone than it used to be. You have to fight for it every step of the way, and be ready for the unfortunate surprise of social media thrusting them back into your life without your permission.

It’s tough out there these days. Just keep fighting harder. 


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