Ask Them No Questions, You’ll Never Be Wise

In general, it’s easier not to ask questions.  I’m willing to bet that most of us go through our day shrugging off uncertainties and continuing along our merry way, trusting that a slight misunderstanding of something probably won’t affect us very much in the long rung. And in reality, that’s probably true. I am quite … More Ask Them No Questions, You’ll Never Be Wise

Dress to Impress

People who say that appearance doesn’t matter are, quite frankly, lying. At least when it comes to business.  I’m not saying that what’s on the inside doesn’t matter more – ultimately, it does. But considering the fact that you’ve already been completely assessed and judged in the business world before you’ve even opened your mouth, … More Dress to Impress

V Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day. How I … don’t have any particular feelings about you.  I’ve spent my V days in a number of different ways. Three years ago I was getting drunk at an Irish pub in Amsterdam. Two years ago I was in Cincy with a boyfriend, one year ago I was at a single … More V Day