Well … Say Something

It seems to me that a lot of unfortunate situations we find ourselves in throughout our lives could be made better if we just said something. 

I have very little patience with unhappiness in my life. If I’m unhappy, and I can do something to change that, I will do it as soon as possible. Most recently, I was given a different position at my advertising firm – moving from a writer to an account executive. The truth? It was not for me. Not at all. I could tell within a few days that I wouldn’t enjoy my work anymore, and I longed for the days I got to spend brainstorming and actually creating something new.

So, rather than suffer in silence, I said something to my boss. I spoke up and was honest about my feelings in a professional manner. And you know what? It worked. I spoke with him, I spoke with the president, and I get to go back to writing in just a few short days. 

I think sometimes we underestimate the power our words can have. We don’t bother to speak up because we don’t think anyone will listen if we do. But how can anyone know that for sure if they don’t take the chance? It can seem so much more tempting to languish in whining and self pity instead of taking a risk and standing up for yourself. 

The long and short of it is simply this: If you have a problem, say something. You never know how your words can affect a situation if you never open your mouth. 


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