V Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day. How I … don’t have any particular feelings about you. 

I’ve spent my V days in a number of different ways. Three years ago I was getting drunk at an Irish pub in Amsterdam. Two years ago I was in Cincy with a boyfriend, one year ago I was at a single ladies party at Miami. This year, it’s going to be mexican food and margaritas with my mom and my best friend – incidentally, my two favorite women on the planet. 

I guess I just never understood the hatred that some single folks direct toward Valentine’s Day. Romantic love isn’t the only kind of love in the world, so why limit V Day to celebrating only that? Admittedly, wallowing in a pint of ice cream in front of the tv is decidedly “Bridget Jones” of you, but it’s hardly the most fun way to spend a night. 

It’s tough for couples too, though. Because how exactly do you “live up” to Valentine’s Day? Something is obviously expected of you, but what exactly? Flowers? Candy? Stuffed animals? Great sex? All of the above? Even the V Days I’ve spent with a significant other have never quite lived up to whatever they were “supposed” to be. Because it’s just another day, really, jazzed up by Hallmark. It’s great to remind someone you love just how much you love them, but for some reason the pressure is on when it comes to V Day. I mean hell, they even made a mediocre movie about it. 

But it’s still just a day, and it is what you make of it. So why not have some fun? Whether you’re single, attached, or casually dating, you’ve got people who love you. And I suppose that’s what life is about anyway.

Today is just an excuse to wear pastel pink and eat chocolate. 


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