Ask Them No Questions, You’ll Never Be Wise

In general, it’s easier not to ask questions. 

I’m willing to bet that most of us go through our day shrugging off uncertainties and continuing along our merry way, trusting that a slight misunderstanding of something probably won’t affect us very much in the long rung. And in reality, that’s probably true. I am quite confident that you can go through life performing the necessary tasks at your job, in your relationships, in society, without ever really asking any questions. 

But here’s a crazy thought …. what if you did ask?

It would make things harder, of course. I have no doubt about that. Because asking questions means no longer scraping by with the bare minimum of what’s expected of you. It means trying harder instead of just being content with doing what you’re told to do. And even if we don’t like to admit it, the blameless world of “I was only doing what I was told” can be much more comfortable than a world in which we have to answer for the decisions we make. 

But hey, why not take a risk? Why not be inquisitive? Step up your game. True, people will expect more of you if you ask more questions. They will expect you to think independently and even – God forbid – solve your own problems. Maybe even come up with some solutions to other people’s problems. Because you’re capable of that.

You’re capable of thinking outside the little box you’ve been given, whether you really want to or not. 

“The system we grew up with is based on a simple formula: Do your job. Show up. Work hard. Listen to the boss. Be part of the system. You’ll be rewarded. 
That’s a scam. Strong words, but true. You’ve been scammed. You traded years of your life to be part of a giant con in which you are most definitely not the winner.
If you’ve been playing that game, it’s not wonder you’re frustrated. The game is over. There are no longer any great jobs where someone tells you precisely what to do.”

– Seth Godin, Linchpin  


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