I think I’m going stir crazy. I have no idea what it is about my life lately, but I can’t seem to shake that feeling you get in school when it’s 5 minutes until the end of your last class on a Friday, and you’re worried the professor is going to go over time. Restlessness. … More Restless

Well, That Depends

The story: A girl goes on vacation with her family and takes up with one of the resort emloyees. He’s older, has no college education, and wanders from job to job. She sleeps with him. The story: Dirty Dancing. Ahh life, it’s all about perspective.  How we look at the various situations we get ourselves … More Well, That Depends

“We Don’t Build Anything. We Don’t Make Anything.”

I think my soul would shrivel up and die if I didn’t make things for a living. Not “make” in the sense of putting solid elements together, but “make” in the sense of creating. I go to work, and I create things that didn’t exist before I sat down that day. I’m hardly uncovering new … More “We Don’t Build Anything. We Don’t Make Anything.”

Don’t You Know, You’re Really Gonna Be Someone

I feel the constant need to remind people in my life of just how wonderful they are. If I didn’t think they were wonderful, I’d probably try to remove them from my life. It’s that simple.  But no one seems to believe in their own greatness anymore. Either because we think we’re not supposed to … More Don’t You Know, You’re Really Gonna Be Someone

That’s the Idea

Writing is a fickle mistress.  I’ve been writing for fun for as long as I can remember. I was the weird kid who once faked sick and stayed home from school for two days because I had a great idea for a story and I absolutely couldn’t wait to write it.  Here’s the problem though … More That’s the Idea