I Like Your Moxie, Kid

There is a definite lack of moxie in the world today.

I’m talking good ol’ fashioned sharp-witted nerve – the kind you find in old movies like “His Girl Friday”. Moxie, spunk, gumption, the courage to be ballsy and speak up. 

The thing about moxie, though, is that it comes with confidence. And we could definitely all use a heaping pile of that – especially when it comes to business. Because the fact is that in the real world, the product you’re selling is yourself. And if you don’t believe in the product, why would anyone want it? 

It can be intimidating and discouraging out there, knowing there are thousands of bright young people, just like you. People who are striving for their dreams, just like you. People who are special, just like you. Well … you get the point.

But you ARE special, damn it. And you’ve got to believe it if you expect anyone else to believe it, too. 

Go ahead and be ballsy. Have moxie. Don’t answer questions with an upward inflection that implies uncertainty. You know the answers, you have the solutions, don’t be shy about it. Come down to it, you’ve got a lot to lose by doubting yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose by believing in yourself. It’s really as simple as that. 

People remember the kid with moxie. Be that kid. 


Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant in “His Girl Friday”. Fast-talking, quick-witted, fantastic. 


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