“Too Good for Me”

“Oh, (s)he’s too good for me.” 

Ever said that? Or felt it? You meet someone and they just seem so incredible, so wonderful, so absolutely everything you’ve ever wanted, that you just automatically know they’re far too good for the likes of you? 

Yeah, well, that’s the person you should try for.

I spent a fair bit of time meeting wonderful men who I immediately pegged as too good for “a girl like me”. Don’t ask me what that phrase means, because I have no real idea. I think a girl like me is just who I am – that is, when I look at myself and see nothing but the faults. You know, the faults you list following a line like “Why do you like me? I’m so …. (insert faults here)”. So I wrote these men off immediately, because what would a nice guy like that want with me? 

This leads to a conundrum though. Because I’ve also been with some men who’ve left me feeling, at the end of it all, like I deserve to be treated better. Sometimes these men even started out as the “too good for me” guy, when in the end it was really me who was too good for them.

Because if you don’t try for the person you think is “too good” for you, all you’ll end up with is an endless stream of people who aren’t good enough. It isn’t that they’re bad people (although sometimes yes, they are) – it’s just that they might not match what you need and want out of a relationship. You’re not good for them, they’re not good for you. 

It’s also important to remember that the “too good” person isn’t perfect, even though they seem that way. Assumed perfection can be incredibly intimidating.  But we’re all human, even if at first glance someone seems to piss rainbows and crap glitter. I assure you, they actually do not (well, I’m pretty sure, anyway).

The point is that half the time we’re the ones standing in our own way. We don’t even bother trying to climb the mountain, we just settle for sitting at the bottom of it looking up and thinking of how we never could have made it.

But you probably could, if you gave it a try. You’d at least climb a little bit – and halfway up the mountain is halfway better than the bottom. 


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