Five Dollar Earrings

This post is going somewhere, I promise.

When I was a junior in high school, I bought a pair of $5 earrings from a store called Wet Seal. They were silver disks inlaid with a pretty design, and I bought them on a whim.

That was almost ten years ago, and they are the most fantastic pair of earrings I have ever owned. They’ve been to Paris, St. Thomas, Berlin, Spain, Luxembourg – they were with me through high school, they saw me through college, and I’m wearing them today at work. When I bought these $5 earrings, I never would have guessed how fantastic they would be. 

My point is that people are sort of like $5 earrings. In life, we pick up all sorts of friends. Some disappoint us when we started out believing they were wonderful. Others are exactly what we expect them to be. But my favorites are the ones who surprise us. The $5 earrings you didn’t give much thought about – the ones you assumed would walk in and out of your life in the blink of an eye – who turned out to be your favorite people in the world.

The wonderful thing about meeting someone is that there is that an entire world of possibilities opens up the moment you shake their hand. Who did you just meet? A new friend? A coworker? The love of your life? Someone you’ll forget about tomorrow? A person who will mean everything to you? Nothing? Something in between? And it all just starts with an introduction.

I’m on a constant search for a pair of earrings that I love as much as my $5 pair from Wet Seal. I’ve bought plenty of earrings with the intention that they would be my “new favorites”. But none of them came close, because you find the best things – the best people, the best memories, the best kind of happiness – when you’re not really looking for them.

Because we sure do seem to spend a lot of time looking for the one thing that’s right in front of us.


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