Joans of a New Generation

There are two things I’m proud to call myself. The first is a Catholic, the second is an ally of the GLBTQ community. To me, these things make sense together. God is love, and all love is good. Therefore, ALL love deserves to be valued equally.

Obviously the church does not necessarily agree with me (general note on the church’s opinion of homosexuality: being gay is not a sin, having gay sex is). But today I came across an article about a book written by a nun that discussed the value of marriage equality. That is to say, gay marriage should be legal. The Vatican is not too happy with her (or with a lot of other things in the book), but I’m thrilled. Because finally there is a Catholic example I can point to and say “Look. Here is proof. We don’t all feel the way stereotype would have you believe we do, and the ones who don’t aren’t afraid to say so.”

The Church is slow to change, and there are plenty of angry old white men who have a thing or two to say to Sister Margaret Farley about her book, which discusses sex and masturbation, among other things. They have a thing or two to say to all of the American nuns who are getting too “radical” for their taste. The way these men are behaving makes me ashamed to be a Catholic. But the way the women are behaving makes me proud to be one. They aren’t sitting down or shutting up, and they’re setting a good example for women everywhere by not backing down in the face of men who want to control what they say and tell them how they should think. Because God forbid they think on their own.

I have never in my life been ashamed to say that I believe in equal rights and marriage for all. I have, unfortunately, been ashamed to call myself a Catholic in the face of some of the things that have been said and done in the name of Catholicism. But hopefully, with women like Sister Margaret Farley leading the way, those moments will lessen.

 Joan of Arc led an army at age 17. Do the men of the Vatican really think they can silence Catholic women by telling them to be silent? 


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