Most people aren’t as good at multi-tasking as they think. I mean, be honest with yourself – can you really successfully do two things at once and lend both of them your attention? Probably not. Last night I was bored. I was flipping through channels, browsing the infinite interwebs, and just generally feeling like I … More Multi-What?

Success Story

Everyone has different ideas about what it means to be successful.  At first that sounds obvious, but when you really consider it, perhaps it isn’t as obvious as we think. Because there’s my idea of successful, and then there’s society’s idea of successful.  I’m sure that many people never even really stop to think about … More Success Story

becausecylonsthatswhy: The infamous TARDIS dress done right by girlwiththetights Ladies and gents, I got a TARDIS dress from my bestie for Christmas – and here it is. Lucky for me I work on the same boat as a fellow blogger!