When You Wish Upon a Star

The ABC Family channel is having a Disney marathon this weekend. They’re calling it some sort of “Magical Musical” business, but lets get real. It should actually be called “Twenty-somethings Love Disney Movies Just as Much as Children and We Can Kill Two Birds with One Stone by Pandering to That”. 

I, of course, fall into this category of twenty-somethings who love Disney. Two years ago I was at Disneyworld tearing up while I watched Cinderella pull away in her horse-drawn carriage. No shame. It was f*cking magical.  

It is probably safe to assume that almost everyone (particularly women) my age still have a soft spot for Disney. Partially because of our childhood memories, and partially because Disney movies almost always have happy endings, and real life doesn’t. 

There’s nothing wrong with knowing a movie or book is going to have a happy ending before you even start it. Life is nothing if not uncertain, so you can hardly fault people for wanting a tiny glimmer of infallible joy. A guaranteed smile, assurance that the hero is not going to die tragically in his quest to save the day. Loving those things doesn’t mean you’re naive enough to think that life always works out perfectly, it just means you enjoy feeling happy. 

And I’ll be honest, I enjoy feeling miserable sometimes, too. Because emotion is almost always a good thing, and you really need a range of it to be a healthy adult. I can get plenty of both misery and joy out of real life, but sometimes I want a feeling that is guaranteed. I’m going to watch Brokeback Mountain, and I’m going to be a weepy mess. I’m going to watch a Disney movie or some sort of Rom Com, and I’m going to feel warm and fuzzy inside. You can’t always muster up the feeling you want in reality, and that’s kind of the entire point of entertainment. Sometimes it’s nice to believe that if you just wish upon a star, everything will turn out all right in the end. 

So rock on, Disney lovers and tragedy junkies. Feel all the feels you can handle. 


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