Wise Words from a Wise Man

Four or five years ago, I went through a really difficult time. I reached out to an old teacher for help, and he gave me some of the most brilliant, beautiful advice I’ve ever received. I stumbled across it again today, and I thought I would share. 

“This experience will test your faith. No one wishes to have their faith tested, but what good would faith be if it were never tested? To be frank, no, you cannot go back. And, further, what you seek there – the peace, the security, the warmth – were fiction anyway. Like all of us, you must now go forward, a place full of promises and demons. In time, you will use your past, and this event, to guide that future, and you will make good of it. You will become wise and offer what you have learned to others. You will write poetry, offer a shoulder, a hug. Your wisdom and strength will help another life-weary traveler.” 


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