Most people aren’t as good at multi-tasking as they think. I mean, be honest with yourself – can you really successfully do two things at once and lend both of them your attention? Probably not.

Last night I was bored. I was flipping through channels, browsing the infinite interwebs, and just generally feeling like I was wasting time. And then, a thought occurred to me. I poured myself a glass of red wine, sat down, and turned on some swing music. And I just sat there and listened to it. The funny thing is that I can’t remember the last time I listened to music and did nothing else (not counting concerts, of course). Usually I’ve got music on because I’m doing something – working, writing, online shopping, cleaning, etc. But last night I just enjoyed it.

There are very few things we do these days that don’t involve multi-tasking. Hell, people don’t even eat dinner with their friends anymore without taking out their cell phone at least once to text someone. And that’s really not a good thing. There’s a lot to be said for focusing and enjoying the moment without worrying about texting someone about the moment, or taking a picture of the moment to post on Facebook later. I mean, pick up a novel and read it. Do something that requires your undivided attention, and give it that undivided attention. It’s strange to think, but we live in world where, if it isn’t seen on social media, it’s almost like it didn’t happen. So much of what we do, we do with other people in mind. Constantly thinking about what we’ll say about it on Twitter, and what pictures we’ll post. It’s all so future-oriented. 

And if we keep thinking that way, I wonder if we won’t just slowly lose the ability to focus on the present all together.


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