Don’t Listen to Them

When someone says something unkind to you or about you, it sucks. We’ve all been there. But the awesome thing is that all you need is for the right person to say “Don’t listen to them”. The right person isn’t necessarily the one who’s qualified to tell you not to listen to the naysayers (for example, if you get turned down for a job, your best friend isn’t really qualified to say they were wrong), but the right person is the one who loves you. And that’s all you need. 

Because someone who loves you knows how amazing you are, and they firmly believe that anyone who is unkind to you is awful and wrong in every way. It might not always be true, but it’s the reminder that somebody loves you that much that makes everything okay. The reminder that someone will fight for you and with you tooth and nail, just as outraged by an injustice against you as you are yourself. 

Those are the sorts of people everyone needs in their lives. 


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