Mr. Darcy, I presume?

I had brunch with a fellow writer today, and as usual, she and I got to talking about the ridiculous misadventures that make up our single lives. Eventually, the conversation landed on a man I’ll refer to (by request) as Mr. Darcy. Obviously, my friend must now be referred to as Elizabeth.

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are one of those “star-crossed” sort of pairs. You know, the people who are clearly perfect for each other but, for one reason or another, have always been kept apart. In the case of our Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, it’s been his family, long distance, her boyfriend, then his girlfriend – always something, and always two people who sort of get that they’re missing out on each other, but can’t quite get together yet. Will they? Won’t they? To be continued …

I think everyone has a their own version of Mr. (or Mrs.) Darcy.  One person who has always been there, yet simultaneously is always just a little out of reach. For one reason or another things have just never clicked. They’re the person you subconsciously compare others to, the one you think of when you hear love songs on the radio. The person you would end up with if life was a movie, and after years of obstacles you find yourselves in the middle of a crowded street in New York City in the pouring rain, confessing everything (hint hint, Elizabeth). 

Of course, life doesn’t always work out like it does in the movies. And I wonder whatever happens to our Mr. Darcys if they aren’t the final happily ever after. How many people out there still find themselves wondering sometimes, even in the midst of happy relationships? How many people convince themselves that it would have never worked anyway, even though they never even gave it a chance? 

Everyone roots for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth to get together in the end. They are a perfect pair in their own mismatched way, and that’s the beauty of the story. But the reason it finally worked is because someone had the guts to say something, rather than continue pining away in stylish britches and a white flowy shirt. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth could’ve just as easily kept their mouths shut, weaving lives apart from one another, only wondering what a future could have held if they were together. But that wasn’t how Ms. Austen wrote it. 

Because at the end of the day, of course, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are just characters. That is what makes it so easy for us to play the part of one or the other at some point in our lives.

We aren’t living in a British novel, and no love story is simple. But my dear Mr. Darcys of the world, my dear Elizabeths, someone has to speak up sooner or later.

It’s the “what ifs” that will get you in the end. 


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