Never More Information, Never More Ways to Ignore It

We’ve never known more, and we’ve never been lazier. Which have you heard more about lately in the digital world – Miley Cyrus, or the use of chemical weapons in Syria? Both made the news. Both made the headlines. But which one are people talking about? To hazard a guess, probably Miley Cyrus. We live … More Never More Information, Never More Ways to Ignore It

Homosociality – Because Men Can Be Besties, Too

I’m on a lit kick lately, so you’ll have to roll with me here. My junior year of college, I took an absolutely fantastic Victorian Lit class. I made some amazing friends and one ridiculously fabulous Dorian Gray video (there was singing). One of the subjects we studied was male homosociality – that is, the … More Homosociality – Because Men Can Be Besties, Too

Ask Alice

What is it about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that fascinates us so much? Alice has experienced a real rise in cultural awareness over the past decade or so – countless reimaginings, paintings, tattoos, movies, books … in short, Alice is everywhere. But it’s not exactly the Alice as penned by Lewis Carroll. Alice’s Adventures in … More Ask Alice

The Thing About NEO

So here’s the deal. I’m a born and bred Ohioan. I grew up in an adorable suburb about halfway between Akron and Cleveland, went to college at Miami University (woot woot, Oxford!), and aside from a stint in Europe (best semester of my life), I’ve always called myself an Ohio girl. I live on the … More The Thing About NEO

To Write

I’ve forgotten what it feels like to write.  I write everyday for my job – that’s what I’m paid to do, that’s how I make my living. I create print ads and digital ads and commercials and radio spots. You can hear my voice on the radio in Canada right now, actually. Which is a … More To Write

About Last Night

So last night, I parked my car on the street (as always) and was walking down the sidewalk to my apartment building. It’s in a nice neighborhood – pretty houses, kids, dogs, all that jazz. But it is near the busiest street in town, which isn’t exactly all roses. And in front of my apartment … More About Last Night