Never More Information, Never More Ways to Ignore It

We’ve never known more, and we’ve never been lazier.

Which have you heard more about lately in the digital world – Miley Cyrus, or the use of chemical weapons in Syria? Both made the news. Both made the headlines. But which one are people talking about?

To hazard a guess, probably Miley Cyrus.

We live in a global community – and our generation, more than any other, has always experienced the world this way. I was nine when we got our first computer, and after that, everything changed. We have every type of information imaginable at our fingertips. We know what’s happening in the world around us the second it happens. Attention has been brought to revolutions through twitter. Injustices are spread far and wide on every social media site imaginable.

And what, exactly, have we done about it?

Well, we’ve posted. We’ve tweeted, we’ve blogged like I’m blogging now. We’ve made our opinions heard. And it’s good to have opinions about what’s going on in the world. And damn it, we have a voice. Our generation is loud. We sound off about what bothers us and what’s wrong and what’s right and how we think the world should work.

But so.what.

Because here’s the biggest trick of all: We have come to think that we’ve done our job just by sharing our opinion. The job of someone who feels strongly about an issue does not end once they’ve shared their opinion. It only just begins – barely begins – when they take the first step toward action.

And a lot of us do that. We take action, we work to make a difference. And a lot of us don’t. Plenty say there isn’t even a point in trying – what could we do to change things, anyway?

Apathy may just be the worst kind of cowardice.

We share our opinions, and then we get to go back to hilarious articles about Miley Cyrus and the ways in which her ass may or may not look like that of poultry. Because it’s easier that way, and because there are some terrible things going on in the world, and we don’t want to think about it. We don’t want stand around the water cooler at work and talk about it because it’s political. It’s sad. And we don’t like to be sad.

We’ve never had more information, and we’ve never had more ways to ignore it.

Am I suggesting everyone run out and become an activist? No. But pay attention to the issues you care about. If you feel moved – truly moved – don’t stop your involvement at a post or a petition signing. Find out what you’re passionate about, and take an active role in it. We need more activism. We need more opinions that are turned into movements for a better place to live.

And here I am, blogging about it. So I guess that means it’s time for me to find a next step.

Because trying a little harder – paying a little more attention – could only do good in this world.


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