Special. Not Special.

You are a ridiculously miraculous person. Your mere existence defies the laws of space and time. You’re made up of a bunch of tiny bits that could just have easily been dust, or a whale penis, or something weird like that. But no – heaps and heaps of atoms and molecules came together and somehow formed you. So, that’s pretty fantastic. 

Now that that’s out of the way, I want to present a list of things that make you special, and a list of things that do not make you special. Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we often find ourselves thinking that the only things that make us different are the negative things, and we assign our “special-ness” to our faults and hurts, instead of what’s wonderful about who we are. 

A Few Things That Make You Special: 
1. Your sense of humor 
2. The way you treat others
3. Where you find beauty in the world
4. How you comfort someone you love
5. What music makes you dance like crazy 
6. How you see your life
7. How you love 

A Few Things That Make You the Same as Everyone Else: 
1. Being hurt by someone you love 
2. Putting up walls 
3. Having trust issues
4. Feeling insecure 
5. Crying 
6. Being hesitant to care for someone 
7. Not wanting to be alone 

In reality, heartache and pain make us just like every other person on earth. It can be easy to give in to self-pity and cling to the idea that negative experiences define who we are, but they don’t. How we react to those experiences is what makes the difference. 

What do you love about yourself? What makes you special? Embrace and celebrate those things, because they are worth celebrating. It is not egotistical to like yourself, it is healthy. 


7 thoughts on “Special. Not Special.

  1. Simple message to my inside deep and shallow. It’s true and that’s why it vibrates clearly. I like your easy to understand language the simple beauty of your sentences.

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