I Don’t Know How Much I Weigh

I don’t own a scale. In fact, I can’t actually remember the last time I weighed myself. I imagine it was probably the last time I got a new license.

It’s not as though it’s some sort of social statement, not owning a scale, it’s just that I don’t have one. And I completely fail to see the point of buying one. Why should I purchase a thing that tells me how much I weigh? It makes no sense.

I haven’t always been happy with my body. As a pre-teen and teenager I was gangly and awkward, and I remember boys making fun of me in gym class, saying they had bigger boobs than I did. Then I went to college, and along with the freshmen 15 came a few new curves, and then I studied abroad and walked everywhere and my body readjusted, and maintaining that is pretty much where I am today. I do my best to work out, because I feel good when I work out. I do my best to eat healthy, because I enjoy healthy food. I do what makes me feel good, but if it’s a choice between drinks with friends or the gym, I’ll always pick drinks. Life matters more than working out.

How much I weigh is, for me, simply a matter of how I feel when I look at myself in the mirror. Am I comfortable and confident, or not? Because my goal isn’t to weigh a certain number, it’s simply to feel good about myself. To be in shape enough that I can enjoy being active, to eat well enough that I can sustain my health for the long term.

A lot of people start the new year with a goal to lose weight, and I think that’s fantastic, as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons. If you’re not happy with your body, ask yourself why. Is it because there is something that you personally wish to improve, or is it because society is telling you that you shouldn’t be happy? Because you don’t fit the “ideal” (which, let’s face it, isn’t actually real anyway). We live in a world that tells us it isn’t okay to be happy as we are – just think of that scene from Mean Girls when they all stand in front of the mirror and talk about what’s wrong with themselves. Entire empires are built on the reliance that we aren’t supposed to like the way we look.

The fact is that even on the road to healthy goals, we have to love our bodies along the way. Love them as they are now, and love them as they change. We need to be kind to ourselves. I don’t always love every part of me when I look in the mirror. I see things I want to change, but I also try to love me as I am now, because I’m never going to look perfect. If I’m always searching for something I’m unhappy with, then I’ll always be able to find it. Being healthy and feeling good about ourselves is what counts, not looking like Giselle in a swimsuit post-photo shop.

So make some time to love your body this year. After all, self-love should be a part of every healthy goal. Make some time to find the things you really love about you, and celebrate them. There will always be room for improvement, and working for that improvement is great. But perfection?

Eh, perfection is horrifically overrated.


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How Much I Weigh

  1. I love this post! Thanks so much for sharing your personal insight on weight, image, and well, learning to be happy with yourself. This article is a great motivator and reminder to myself that the whole point of “getting in shape” is to care for my body, and to love it; not punish it.

  2. This post is fantastic. I made the mistake of weighing myself the other day. I think it was on Jan. 2nd. I work out regularly and for much the same reason you do. I weighed a lot more than I thought I did and it upset me. It shouldn’t have, but it did. I realize, while reading your post that there is no reason to weigh myself. I don’t do resolutions normally, but this year I resolve to no longer weigh myself. This may actually work out for me in the end.

  3. Way to go. We need more women to stand up and say this. I love the part where you say you exercise because it makes you feel good about yourself (and not because it’s a compulsion or out of guilt). I’m the same way.
    Check out this picture from Pinterest that I found…I just love it.

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