Help Will Always Be Given at Hogwarts to Those Who Ask for It

Many times in my life, I’ve heard the phrase “God will never give you more than you can handle.” I used to firmly believe that – that no matter what I was going through, it wasn’t more than I could handle. But I’m a grown up now, in a world full of grown up problems that aren’t as easily solved as little high school dramas that seemed like mountains but are, in retrospect, nothing but mole hills.

I don’t believe that phrase anymore, but I do believe that when life throws a curveball, it also throws us the bat we’ll need to hit it, and the right people on the bases to make a run for home. In other words, you might be faced with something that is more than you can handle, but somewhere in your life, you’ll also find the tools and people that will help you face it. Being a religious person, I sort of think of it as “I’ve got this problem, but God will provide me with the help I need to deal with it, if I just keep an eye out and an open mind.” Because the truth is, help can come from the most unlikely places. And sometimes the only reason we think it isn’t there is because we haven’t opened our eyes to see it.

So, like all things in life, this can be likened to Harry Potter. Remember that time when Harry was stuck with a basilisk and Voldemort deep in the bowels of Hogwarts? Yeah, things weren’t exactly looking too peachy for him. In fact, our favorite bespectacled hero probably would’ve been completely screwed if not for the fact that Fawkes showed up with the sorting hat, and Godric’s sword appeared like a rabbit. Because, as Dumbledore reminds us, help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it. Honestly, the help and tools we need won’t always be waiting around for us clear as day. Fawkes isn’t always just going to show up and drop what we need right into our hands (although sometimes that will be the case). We may get what we need without even realizing it, or we may have to actively seek it out.

In other words, we need to know ourselves well enough to recognize when we need to go on the hunt for our own sword of Gryffindor. And if we have the awareness to look for it, I firmly believe it can be found. Because help is waiting, even in the midst of our biggest challenges.


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