Of Moose Rugs and Romance

Earlier today, I sent my boyfriend a link to a moose rug on Ikea. I said that we didn’t need to get it for our soon-to-be new place, but that he should definitely be aware that it existed, because dude, moose rug . And then I emailed him five minutes later and said I actually desperately wanted it. His response? “Well then, we probably need to own it :-)”

This, to me, is romance. Not the acquiescence to every little thing, but the willingness to buy into your partner’s enthusiasm, wacky as it may be, and say “Why not?” Because in truth, romance isn’t what it used to be – or maybe, it just isn’t what everyone thinks it is. It’d be pretty difficult to manage day to day life with knights on white horses trying to rescue you every couple of minutes, and citar-playing minstrels showing up every hour to sing you the ballad your true love wrote. Frankly, that would be exhausting, and more than a little bit ludicrous. The romance of fairytales and bedtime stories doesn’t quite fit in to real life. And that’s okay. 

From what I’ve seen of successful relationships, romance lies in the little things. It’s thoughtfulness. It’s consideration. Not just sweeping gestures of grand love. It is often said that love is not a noun, it is a verb – and that’s what romance is, too. Actions that demonstrate feelings, not just eloquent proclamations or public displays. 

So go out there and be romantic, whatever that means to you. Pick up that favorite Starbucks drink for someone you care about. Get flowers for no reason. Offer to do the dishes. Remind someone they’re wonderful. 

Romance isn’t dead, it’s just thriving within the ordinary, making it extraordinary. 


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