The New Girl in Town

Ah, new jobs. Simultaneously exciting and terrifying –  like jumping out of a plane or not double-checking that your socks match before going out for the day (you rebel, you). I started a new job on Monday. Still copywriting, but at a different, and much larger, agency. I’d been at my last place for two years, so this is definitely a big change for me. Aside from no longer being on a boat, there are now 90 names to learn instead of fifteen, and a whole new set of clients and accounts. Frankly, I love it. It’s big and scary, but it’s also fantastic, and nothing is quite as rewarding as getting someplace and realizing that you’re exactly where you should be.

That being said, let’s cover a few of the inevitable situations that come with being the new kid:

1. There will always be one remarkably simple task that baffles you.
– In my case, I had to ask my desk mate how to turn on my lamp. Yes, that’s right, I couldn’t figure out how to turn on a light.

2. You’ll need to find your stall.
– A new place of business doesn’t really feel like home until you’ve figured out your “home stall” in the bathroom. It’s not usually a conscious decision, it just sort of happens. Think about it – you know you have one, too.

3. At some point, you’ll feel remarkably overwhelmed.
– New clients, new people, new projects about which you know absolutely nothing – you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. But remember the number one rule: Don’t panic. Everyone around you is there to help.

4. You’ll get the hang of it.
– It all feels foreign at first, but you’ll settle in and make friends – even if it takes a little while to get your bearings.

5. You’ll figure out where the snacks are.
– Because let’s be honest, NOTHING is more important than snacks.


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