Thank You, Mad Men

mad men Thank you for making advertising look sexy. Thank you for giving me a character to reference when asked about my profession. Thank you for the end of people confusing my “copywriter” title with “copyright”. Thank you for reigniting a love of the industry, warped though it may be. Thank you for making my job sound cool. Thank you for making drinking at the office seem normal (it is, isn’t it?).  Thank you for making me aware that some men in this business still treat women like it’s 1965 – and it’s still absolutely not okay. Thank you for a healthy sense of cynicism. Thank you for a starting point when figuring out how to make my first pitch. Thank you for a practice in ego control, and a practice in moxie. Thank you for impeccable style. Thank you for nostalgia and a wistful thought or two about “back in the day” when I never even lived “in the day”. Thank you for the push to fight for good creative. Thank you for entertainment and inspiration and a ridiculous amount of fun. Thank you for something that, by the mere nature of beginning, had to end.

And thank you, of course, for Mr. Draper.


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